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Flax and Loom

Flax and Loom is long-time sustainable fashion designer Phil Wildbore's new venture, aiming to produce ‘the world’s most sustainable, commercial jean’.

Labour has always been an expense in the production of any commodity, which leads to the exploitation of workers, whether it be the farmers growing the raw materials, the people making the garment or even the sales assistant selling the finished product.

The fast fashion industry has taken this to another level. With fast fashion, not only are the people growing, making and selling the garments compensated only a tiny fraction of the profit, but much of what they produce is either destroyed or sent to landfill. The items which do make it to the consumer may only be worn once, if at all. This is catastrophic not only economically and environmentally but also on a human level, where people are only considered a cost and what they produce is often waste.

Here’s Flax and Loom’s model for change:

  • Establish a partnership with a cotton grower (in Turkey).
  • Find local manufactures to weave the fabric, make and dye the finished garment.
  • Distribution is also centred in Turkey to ensure a low carbon footprint.
  • Achieve an organic crop rotation for hemp, flax and cotton in a symbiotic programme.
  • Make clothes that last. 

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