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Honest - Love Our Planet

Honest - Love Our Planet work with a team of Kashmiri artisans to make exquisite hand-crafted papier-mâché products.

Creating products that have a minimum carbon footprint is key to their ethos. Each item is 100% biodegradable, hand crafted from recycled paper and then hand painted using plan-based organic natural dyes and paints.

Consideration of low energy consumption goes into every detail of the operation, right down to maximising people’s ability to work from home. This is important during the freezing Himalayan winters, when families need to support themselves but have difficulty travelling to and from work in the heavy snow and cold weather conditions. 

This also means that during the frequent periods of civil unrest in the Kashmir region, their artisans are also able to continue to work.

Because they are hand painted, each item is unique.