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J Label

Dutch brand J Label produce fair and sustainable fashion, whilst never losing an eye for beauty. They love fashion, but they love the world in its entirety even more, and believe one should not exclude the other.

J Label value ethical production, organic and sustainable materials and fair working conditions in the supply chain. All the garments they produce are made in sustainable factories, and they try to reduce waste to a minimum and use the most sustainable resources.

The brand is completely transparent about their production process, locations and the materials they use.

Each person involved in the production and distribution of their products is treated with respect, works in a safe environment and receives a living wage. They mainly produce at Orient Fashions in India, in a GOTS and SA 800 certified factory that secures fair working conditions and fair wages, and has been awarded an OGTC certificate for female empowerment. A small part of production takes place at Bravo Tekstil in Turkey, in a GOTS and BSCI certified factory. Bravo Tekstil is affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation.

J Label use eco-friendly fibers like organic cotton, FSC Viscose and kapok and upcycle by using dead stock fabrics. Fabrics are Oeko Tex certified and they keep on opting and learning for the best available sustainable fabrics out there.

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