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Black Silver Stars Studded Dog Lead

Black Silver Stars Studded Dog Lead


Creature Clothes

Only the best for your furry friends! Creature Clothes hand make beautiful, ethical and environmentally aware pet accessories. Everything is made in their Suffolk workshop.


  • Handmade real leather dog lead with an O ring at the handle
  • Approx 1m in length
  • The studs are made from solid brass and then nickel plated
  • The studs are exclusively made for them by Menorcan artisans who hand makes and individually welds each stud to ensure their maximum strength
  • The lead is treated with Neatsfoot Oil before leaving the workshop to protect it against water

Love and Care

  • Treat it like you would a good pair of leather shoes. If the lead is constantly getting wet, we strongly advise that you treat the leather with oil or Neatsfoot. This helps prevent the leather drying out.