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Why Fair Trade Matters for Fashion

Covering everything from cotton to bananas and flowers, the Fairtrade certification ensures better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries.  We believe it’s vital that the people who make our clothes are treated well, and the Fairtrade certification guarantees that they are.

‘Fairtrade’ refers to Fairtrade International,  the organisation that certifies and labels fair trade products and companies. The organisation’s goal is to support producers from developing countries through trading, protection of workers’ rights, preservation of the environment and the promotion of sustainability. 

Protecting Producers 

Fairtrade organisations agree a minimum price for products in advance, ensuring producers can earn a living wage, and protecting them from market fluctuations where the price can drop below production costs. They also pay a premium on top of this minimum set price which producers then invest in their communities.

Ensuring Workers’ Rights

Workers have a right to organise and unionise, and working conditions are regularly checked to ensure health and safety standards are met.

Protecting the Environment

Practices like water conservation, restricting the use of chemicals, encouraging biodiversity and the responsible disposal of waste are enforced.


As we become more interested in where and how our clothes are produced, the Fairtrade certification is one way of guaranteeing that the people who made your clothes are protected.

We’re proud to work with People Tree, the pioneers of sustainable fashion in the UK. They were the first fashion company to win the World Fairtrade Organisation’s product label.

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