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Wear Nature Not Plastic

From buttons to elastic, thread to fabric, plastic is used in a surprising number of components that make up a garment. There are no industry regulations for listing these components on care labels, so they can be over-looked, and what might look like a planet-friendly organic cotton shirt can actually contain elements that will never fully break down.

New Zealand based Kowtow have a vision for clothing that can return to the earth without harm, using all Fairtrade organic cotton, and completely plastic free. Starting this season, all new Kowtow Fairtrade organic cotton garments are completely plastic-free.

“Plastic does not ever go away; it just breaks down into smaller particles and ends up in our oceans. We want to be a solutions provider, not part of the problem. So working towards a zero percent plastic mission seems obvious.” – Gosia Piątek, Founder, Kowtow

Kowtow’s journey to plastic-free has been one of ambition, innovation, craft and commitment. It’s the result of years of research and development.

The brand has even shared an open source handbook as a guide to plastic-free clothing to help other manufacturers on their plastic-free journey.

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