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Supporting 'Something To Look Forward To' this Black Friday

Black Friday discounts pressure people into buying things they don’t need, and we will never get involved in initiatives that create over-consumption and waste. Each year, instead of offering a Black Friday discount, we donate all profits from sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday to charity.

Selecting one charity in a world with so many in need is always hard, more so than ever this year with the conflict in the Middle East and the impact of the cost of living crisis at home. However we believe that by supporting small organisations we, as a small business, can have a bigger impact.

This year’s choice of charity is, as usual, a personal one. Sharon Bennett, friend of the store and the artist behind Disco Pigeon and the recent Brave Girl Vein Girl fashion show, was supported by 'Something to Look Forward To' during her own cancer journey.

Something To Look Forward To  provide gifts and experiences for people financially affected by cancer, from meals at restaurants, hotel stays and beauty treatments to tickets for events and attractions. The aim is to promote the wellbeing and aid recuperation of people experiencing the effects of cancer and its treatment, in particular by the provision of positive experiences for them and their families.

“Having something to look forward to sounds a simple enough idea…something nice after you’ve had a rough time. But it is much more than that. After more than a year of worry, stress, pain, anxiety and sadness, having something to look forward to helps you to have positive emotions again, and helps you re-learn to experience joy.
After so long of feeling detached from the world around you, it helps you to find your place again. The kindness shown by your charity and your donors, in doing this for us, helps us feel supported on our journey with cancer.”
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At 69b we love providing little moments of joy for our customers, and the charity’s aims really resonated with us.

So if you do decide to make a conscious purchase from us this Black Friday, from 24th - 27th November, all profits from sales will be donated to 'Something To Look Forward To'. Find out more about their important work and how you can support them at


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