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Say 'no' to glitter at Glasto this year

We love a festival, but they can have real negative consequences on the land where they are held. If you want to party sustainably, leave the glitter (even ‘eco’ glitter) behind, bring your own water bottle and don’t pee on the soil.

All that glitters...

A 2019 paper published in Marine Pollution Bulletin stated that glitter may be a significant source of micro plastic in the environment and a hazard to various organisms. Even biodegradable glitter contains a tiny percentage of microplastics which could impact the environment. So ditch the glitter makeup and go for face paint instead. 

Public urination

The huge toilet queues can be daunting, but please don't be tempted to go behind a bush. Peeing on the soil isn't just a sanitation issue. Urine damages the soil and can harm the local ecosystem. 

Minimise waste

Take a reusable water bottle and avoid single use plastics like glow sticks (I know, I love them too!)  And don’t abandon your tent! Discarded festival tents add up to 875 tonnes to landfill in the UK each year, and will take up to 10,000 years to decompose. Tents are difficult to recycle because they’re made up of mixed materials, some of which can’t be recycled at all. Most Household Waste Recycling Centres will accept tents and responsibly dispose of them. If you want to dispose of a tent that’s still in serviceable condition, donate it to a thrift shop.

Use low emission transport

It sounds like train travel might be quite challenging this summer with the threat of strikes, but use public transport or car share if you can. 


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