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Portrait of a Supply Chain

We were recently invited to take part in the making of a short film about transparency in the supply chain, commissioned by Avery Dennison  and made by The Smalls.  

The film aims to highlight what transparency means to the people working at the heart of supply chains, including 69b Boutique. It features 3 businesses on different continents that have a clear understanding of safer and more sustainable supply chain practices.

Cacaste is a Mexican cocoa butter producer that has developed a very close relationship with a network of growers, ensuring trust and traceability. Greenfish is a seafood business in South Africa who are committed to ensuring their seafood is sourced from legal fishing operations and traceable back to its point of origin.

69b Boutique wanted to take part because we believe that our customers rely on us to know where the products they are buying come from.

With the introduction of digital identity technology it is becoming possible to provide traceable identities for every product, enabling transparency from raw materials to end product and beyond.

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