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Making the Invisible Visible

UN World Water Day, held annually on 22nd March, raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water, and how we can take action to tackle the global water crisis. 

This year’s  focus is groundwater, an invisible resource with an impact visible everywhere.

Groundwater feeds springs, rivers, lakes and wetlands, and seeps into the oceans. It is recharged by rain and snowfall, and can be extracted by pumps and wells. It supplies a large proportion of the water we use for drinking, sanitation, food production and industrial processes. Life on earth wouldn’t be possible without it, and most arid areas depend entirely on groundwater.

The importance of Groundwater


What's the Issue?

Nearly all liquid fresh water in the world is groundwater. Groundwater must be protected from over exploitation (where more water is used than can be recharged by rain and snow) and pollution. Protecting and sustainably using groundwater will be central to surviving and adapting to climate change.

The Asia Pacific region has the lowest per-capita water availability in the world, with groundwater use in the region predicted to increase 30% by 2050.

In North America and Europe, nitrates and pesticides are a big threat to groundwater quality. 20% of EU groundwater bodies don’t meet EU standards on water quality because of pollution.

The Impact of the Fashion Industry

Fashion is a significant contributor to the problem, and we’re proud to work with brands that are addressing it. 

Spanish brand Thinking Mu work with factories that use closed water circuits, which save 95% of the water they use. They also use GOTS Certified water-based biodegradable ink for their prints. They only use organic cotton, where 98% of the water is saved in the production process. 

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