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Join the Hemp Revolution

New brand in store, Afends,  from Byron Bay Australia combine their punk / skate aesthetic with a with a mission to do what’s best for people and the planet. They are passionate about the super fibre hemp, which they think has been dismissed largely due to outdated propaganda, and they believe is a brilliant eco-friendly fabric. Here’s why…

Hemp is better for the planet

Hemp is a renewable resource, which takes as little as 90 days to cultivate. It requires significantly less water than conventional cotton, and produces more fibre per acre. Hemp also supplies its own nutrients to the soil, replenishing its fertility, and it doesn’t require toxic chemicals, pesticides or insecticides to grow.

Why we love hemp

Hemp is one of the most durable and economically viable all-natural threads. It’s biodegradable, UV resistant and antibacterial. Fabrics containing hemp will last for many years, it's easy to wash and looks great! 


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