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Small Change, Big Impact

You can now choose to play a role in combating climate change by donating to carbon offset projects when you check out on our website.

Future Neutral helps you take positive climate action, giving you the opportunity to carbon offset at checkout when you shop. Through small, everyday transactions Future Neutral helps you offset your yearly emissions.

How it works

When you place an order, you can select the Carbon Offset option in your basket, which will add a donation of 3% of your transaction value to your order. 75% of this is donated directly to certified, vetted, carbon offset projects that reduce, avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

The projects are implemented around the world and go beyond just removing carbon dioxide and green house gases to providing additional benefits that span social and environmental goals. Find out more about the projects here. The remaining 25% funds the administration of the program. 

How It’s Calculated

Working out the exact carbon offset of a product is extremely complex, particularly if you try to take into account every unique contributing factor. Future Neutral amortise considered action over the course of the year, starting in the Australian market (where the company is based). They have taken the spending patterns of Australia, and the total retail trading volume and settled on a 3% offset fee to offset a year’s worth of carbon per person.



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