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5 Reasons to Shop Secondhand Fashion

We’re over half way through Secondhand September, Oxfam’s month-long pledge to only shop secondhand. At 69b, we work with sustainable fashion brands whose clothing is designed to last, meaning they can be passed from wardrobe to wardrobe. To enable these circular journeys, we partnered with OWNI to create our own peer-to-peer resale platform

What is Secondhand September?

Started by Oxfam in 2019, Secondhand September is an annual initiative to get more people buying secondhand. Whether you’re finding this at the start or the end of the month, it’s never too late to take the pledge to only buy secondhand for 30 days. Join the movement by shopping in a way that is kinder to the planet (and your bank account!)

What are the benefits of secondhand fashion?

1. Lower your wardrobe’s footprint: Shopping secondhand extends the use of unwanted clothes. Lengthening the average lifespan of a garment by 9 months would save £5 billion in resources used to supply, launder and dispose of clothing.

2. Find pre-loved bargains: Shopping secondhand is one of the most affordable ways to refresh your wardrobe. On our resale platform, you can shop pre-loved sustainable gems for up to 80% off the original retail price. We'll always tell you how much money you're saving, so that new purchase feeling feels extra good.

3. Help divert textile waste: The fashion industry has a huge waste problem, sending over 300,000 tonnes of used clothing to UK landfill every year and sending tonnes more overseas. Our platform enables us to work together to responsibly re-home your pre-loved items. Together, we can reclaim ownership of the items we no longer want, ensuring pre-loved items are sent to their intended recipient (you!) instead of entering landfill.

4. Curate your dream style: Removed from never ending trend cycles, shopping secondhand is perfect for slowly building your dream wardrobe with unique and timeless pieces. 

5. Support your favourite brands: Buying secondhand allows more people to enjoy sustainable fashion from brands that might otherwise be out of their price range, and to extend the lifespan of their clothes.

How to get involved

Take Oxfam’s pledge to only buy secondhand fashion for 30 days! Our resale platform will help you find new-to-you purchases, and to make space in your wardrobe by selling what you’re no longer wearing. Click here to get started.

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