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Re/DRESS is a responsible fashion brand using nearly 100% recycled cotton/polyester textiles. Designed and produced in Bangladesh, the collection is made from breathable textiles knitted or woven from yarn that is spun from pre-consumer cotton waste and recycled polyester fibre.

One T shirt made from recycled cotton saves   5000+ litres of water compared to conventional cotton.  Each kilo of recycled polyester reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70%.

The collection consists of six pieces in 2 colours (light/white and dark/black). Because of the nature of the recycling process, there may be slight differences between garments in terms of texture and colour.

The garments are truly unisex, and come in two sizes: Comfy (S/M) and More Comfy (M/L). If only everything was so simple!

Re/Dress is a social enterprise - all profits go towards promoting responsible fashion.

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