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Bague Riviera Wavey Ring in Bronze

Bague Riviera Wavey Ring in Bronze


Ombre Claire

The Bague Glace Wavey Ring from Ombre Claire is Bronze and comes in different sizes.

Ombre Claire is committed to an ethical and fair approach from one end of the production chain to the other. All the jewellery is designed in Paris, then made in Niger and Mali by Tuareg artisans, who are part of a cooperative.


  • Ball and hoop fastening in silver.
  • Ombre Claire only use recycled materials. They use : solid 999 silver, bronze, acacia wood and ebony (from scraps that are reused)
  • The vermeil (999 silver gilded with fine gold 5 microns 24 carats) and the gold plating are made by a Parisian craftsman

Love and Care

  • Silver and bronze are certainly resistant but do not like certain encounters. Please remove when swimming, playing sporting and doing the housework (metals don't like chlorine and bleach at all!)
  • Use a jewellery cloth from time to time to keep it sparkling
  • When you aren't wearing it, keep it safe from humidity - ideally in it's box
  • Bronze can sometimes oxidise if it’s kept in a humid room like a bathroom. If you wash it with a little lemon juice it will remove the tarnish.