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Storm & Marie

Storm & Marie was founded in Copenhagen by Signe Vedel and Kim Vedel Hansen in 2010, named after their twins, and with a mission to inspire people to make better purchases. They are on a mission to take greater responsibility for the fashion industry, and ultimately the planet. They believe in democratic, open and honest design, believing design and responsibility can and should go hand in hand.

Storm & Marie’s design profile is Scandinavian and feminine, with an ethos based on long-lasting styles that can be mixed and matched beyond seasonal trends.

Prints are a key part of the brand’s collections. They only use digitally printed fabrics, which reduce waste substantially compared to traditional screen printing. Traditional textile printing has a huge impact on the environment because it creates a lot of waste water and uses a lot of chemicals.

Storm & Marie visit all their suppliers and factories to find out if they’re a good fit, and to make sure they can sign up to the supplier manual that details responsibility to the environment and people.

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