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Saye (originally Wado) was founded in an attempt to create a sustainable casual trainer whilst ensuring the makers are treated fairly and with respect, and without causing irreversible damage to our planet.

Saye believe the entire supply chain should be completely transparent, from the cow or tree to the finished product. The brand not only attempts to mitigate its own production, but also others by supporting reforesting programmes in Australia, Zanzibar, the Amazon and India. An indigenous rainforest tree is planted for every pair of shoes made by Saye.

To truly ensure workers rights were at the forefront of Saye's business, the brand work with a factory in Portugal who surpassed labour standards for European factories.

Saye make both leather and vegan trainers. The vegan shoes contain 35% post-consumer fibres made of discarded garments and different types of PET. The linings of all shoes are made from post-consumer fibres.

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